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Bracli the original pearl thong, crafted from the finest Spanish Lace and actual Mallorcan Pearls, which run from front to back. All Bracli Lingerie is handmade in Spain so no detail is ever overlooked. Sensual and tantalizing, you haven’t lived until you’ve worn the Bracli pearl thong!

Bracli lingerie has put the intimate in intimate apparel. These gorgeous pearl thongs know how to rub you the right way. This underwear makes you feel sexy, never letting you forget the glistening strand of perfectly smooth pearls nestled up against your clitoris, keeping you aroused with every body movement.  Bracli also makes double stranded thongs for your pleasure. The Bracli pearl thong makes a wonderful gift, just like the one Samantha received in the hit TV series Sex and the City.

Wearing Bracli Lingerie stimulates the imagination and invites you to imagine.

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